Adjustable Dumbbell Set 5-50 lbs

Adjustable Dumbbell Set 5-50 lbs

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Our new Adjustable Dumbbells let you change weights in 5 lb. increments with the simple twist of a handle – no knobs to turn or levers to slide. With adjustable weights ranging from 5 to 50 lbs, our dumbbell gives you an entire 10-piece set in a single dumbbell – all with a durable construction and a modern, lightweight aluminum cradle. It’s a great way to get a real workout with real results – all from a smart, compact design.

* 2 Dumbbells Included In Each Set

This product is covered by at least one U.S. patent. See Core Home's Patent Page for more information. 


Total Dumbbell Pair Weight: 100 lbs.

Dimensions (5-50 lb. Dumbbell Only): 14.5in L x 7.9in W x 7.5in H

Assembled Dimensions (Stand With Adjustable Dumbbells): 22in L x 33.5in W x 31.9in H

Warranty: 2 year parts

  • Two adjustable dumbbells with quick and easy weight adjustments from 5 to 50 lbs. each

  • Compact and adjustable twist handle design starts at 5 lbs. and adjusts in 5 lb. increments

  • Dumbbell handle ends feature dual-sided weight selection window for weight selection

  • Contoured, textured and soft grip handle design provides comfortable and secure grip control

  • Dumbbell length increases as additional weight is added (5 lbs. starting weight is 9.3” L)

  • Aluminum weight cradles for easy access and secure storage

  • Compatible with Core Fitness Dumbbell Stand (sold separately)

  • Great for all fitness levels and a wide variety of exercises

  • Set includes two adjustable dumbbells, two cradles and an exercise guide


Quick, Easy Weight Changes from 5 to 50 lbs.

Bench Press

Bicep Curls

Dumbbell Squat

Overhead Press

dumbbell arm raise

Bentover Row

Tricep Extension




How are Core’s dumbbells different than the competitors?
Core’s dumbbells offer advantages in numerous areas: price, quality, ergonomics and ease of use. Core owns its own manufacturing facility. That gives us the ability to tightly control the entire process from design to manufacturing, and that leads to a better product.
Are adjustable dumbbells worth it?
The answer is an unequivocal, yes. If you bought an entire set of individual dumbbells they would easily cost two to three times as much. Core’s adjustable dumbbells are literally 10 dumbbells in one, at a more affordable price than their traditional counterparts.
Are Core’s adjustable dumbbells suitable for people who live in smaller spaces or have limited space for a home gym?
Core’s adjustable dumbbells are perfect for small spaces. They take up a fraction of the space of traditional gym equipment, and yet, when paired with Core’s Glute Drive bench, you can get a full body workout at home. Core’s adjustable dumbbells and Glute Drive can easily be stowed under a bed or in a closet when not in use.
What should you look for in an adjustable dumbbell?
Not all adjustable dumbbells are made equally. Here are some of the key things you should look for:
1) How easy is it to change the weights? Can you change the weight of the dumbbell with one hand like you can with Core’s?
2) Are the dumbbells balanced? Surprisingly some dumbbells on the market are rectangular and feel out of balance when you use them. Core’s are perfectly balanced for the experience you expect.
3) How do they feel? Do they feel good in your hands, or are the grips too big or too slippery? Core’s are designed to feel good when you use them, with just the right-sized handle and grip.
4) How do they sound? Some adjustable dumbbells move around and clank as you lift them. Core’s plates fit tightly together leading to a quiet, quality workout.
5) Does the adjustable dumbbell get smaller as you lower the weight? One competitor retains the big bulky shell of its dumbbells whether you have selected 5 or 50 pounds. Core’s adjustable dumbbells get smaller with lower weights, making them a sleeker way to perform your sets.