About Us

Our overarching goal is to help you achieve "Fitness on Your Terms."

That has been true since our founding in 2016 to the present day.

We know you have a busy, demanding life. That's why we build innovative home fitness products to help you structure your workouts exactly in a way that suits you: in the comfort of home, in the morning, in the evening, between chores, while the kids are sleeping, after a work call, in 5-minute bursts, or 60-minute total body workouts.

Yet, we know convenience is not enough. Your experience with our products must be extraordinary.

We come from the world of commercial gym fitness where demands on equipment are the toughest…in terms of design quality, performance, and user expectations.

Our sister company, Core Health and Fitness, is world renown for designing and manufacturing a broad range of innovative and highly successful fitness products sold to gyms and other fitness companies since 1992. You might have heard of the brands they sell across the world: Stairmaster®, Schwinn®, Nautilus®, Star Trac® and Throwdown®.

From the beginning, we have applied the key learnings of what made Core Health and Fitness so successful in the commercial gym space, building products that gym members would search out, and gym owners knew could withstand the duress of usage for many hours every day.

Toward its mission Core Home Fitness has been keenly focused on:

  1. Durability: building high quality products that are meant to last.
  2. Extraordinary design: making products that are not only focused on form and fit, but also mindful of practical situations given limited time and space.
  3. Uniqueness: improving on whatever else is already in the market or creating new products no one has created before. (More on that in the product section of our web site)

Core Home Fitness was not initially well known to consumers, although our sister company is extremely well known in the commercial gym space. (It’s the largest privately held fitness distributor in the world with its own manufacturing facility.)

But it was consumers themselves who discovered Core Home Fitness and it was their overwhelmingly positive reviews that helped the company take off.

Those reviews led the NY Times and many other prominent fitness media to find Core Home Fitness, too. The Times wrote a glowing review of Core’s Adjustable Dumbbell Set, saying it “offers the best experience in its price range, making it a great choice for most home gyms.”

“The Core Home Fitness weights, with their speedy adjustments and ergonomic design, are easier to use and more comfortable to hold than the competition,” the New York Times wrote.

Easy to use, ergonomic design, more comfortable…these are the principles Core applies across its entire product line from adjustable dumbbells, to versatile glute building equipment to cardio machines and more.

Core Home Fitness believes that when you make unique fitness equipment that is easier and more engaging to use, people of all ages and abilities will be more likely to achieve their goals of healthier, happier, stronger lives. When that happens, we have accomplished our mission: “Fitness on Your Terms.”