core home adjustable dumbbells sitting on floor
Are adjustable dumbbells the right choice for your home gym? Having a variety of weights on hand makes building and toning muscle easier, but traditional dumbbells can't compete with the ease of use and form factor of adjustable dumbbells. So, are adjustable dumbbells worth it for an exciting and effective workout experience?
The Best 15-Minute Circuit Workout For Summer

Summer is here and if you are thinking about getting in shape but not sure where to start, we have a great 15 - minute full-body workout that you can do from home or the gym. Combining both circuit and cardio, will be the right mix to get your summer body ready.

Healthy Food Choices For The Summer
Summer is officially here and with the warm weather comes get-togethers with family and friends.  This usually means lots of food and drinks are consumed but don't worry, if you are watching your waistline you can still indulge, just do it the healthy way.  Here we have a few great tips to help you have a happy and healthy summer feast.
Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Active Dad
Fathers Day is right around the corner and picking the perfect gift hasn't been easier. Whether your dad is a beginner or workout expert, we have some perfect options to complement any fitness level.
The Adjustable Dumbbell Showdown

Traditionally, changing the weight on a dumbbell involved picking up a separate dumbbell of a different weight. Today, adjustable dumbbells are taking over home gyms for their convenience, ruggedness, and attractive design.

But which one wins the Adjustable Dumbbell Showdown? Let’s look at 5 key areas.