How Do Weight Changing Dumbbells Work?

Our weight changing dumbbells, also called adjustable dumbbells, operate on a unique twistlock system. This means to adjust the weight to your desired increment, you simply place the dumbbell on its cradle and twist the handle until the appropriate weight is reached. Once you have selected the specified weight, you merely lift up, leaving behind the excess weight plates.

Do Adjustable Dumbbells Work As Well As Regular Dumbbells?

There is no difference in the physical results from exercising with adjustable or traditional dumbbells. Both traditional and weight changing dumbbells offer a versatile addition to exercising and procure the same outcomes when used properly. 

Are Adjustable Dumbbells Worth it?

Many often wonder why adjustable dumbbells are so expensive; however, the reality is the cost is significantly less and provides you with more for your money. Most local gyms have the traditional racks of weighted dumbbells. Typically, these sets begin at 5lbs, steadily increasing in five-pound increments to a max of up to 50lbs. While useful for gyms, the cost is typically around $1,000 or more. For home users, the cost and amount of space required to house traditional dumbbell racks are high.

With adjustable dumbbells, you receive the same physical benefits working out with traditional dumbbells provides while receiving additional aid. You not only save money by astronomically cutting the costs for a full set, but the space required for adjustable dumbbells is dramatically less. Furthermore, we make our Core Home Fitness’ adjustable dumbbells weight plates out of steel and coated with a tough and durable layer of high-impact PVC material protecting from rattling, rust, and damage.

How Much Do Adjustable Dumbbells Weigh?

Our Core Home Fitness adjustable dumbbells start at 5lbs and increase in five-pound increments up to 50lbs per dumbbell. Therefore, the weight of your dumbbell is designated by your preference at the time of use. 

Do You Ship Outside of The USA?

Unfortunately, we can only ship within the continental US. We cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii or any other country.

What Is Your Return Policy?

You have 30 days from the time of purchase to return your purchase to us. The customer is responsible for shipping cost. The product must be in perfect working condition in its original packaging. Restocking fee may apply if product is not received back in these conditions.

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