The Adjustable Dumbbell Showdown

The Adjustable Dumbbell Showdown

While COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift, there’s no overlooking how home gyms are transforming the way we workout. From beginners to fitness gurus, it’s clear that homeowners and home buyers want home gyms more than ever before.

A staple to any home gym is the dumbbell.

Traditionally, changing the weight on a dumbbell involved picking up a separate dumbbell of a different weight. Today, adjustable dumbbells are taking over home gyms for their convenience, ruggedness, and attractive design.

Recently, the  New York Times noted Core Home Fitness adjustable dumbbells as the best choice with its closest competitor listed as an alternative. 

But which one wins the Adjustable Dumbbell Showdown? Let’s look at 5 key areas. 

1. Price

Both Core Home Fitness and its closest competitor’s adjustable dumbbells have similar price ranges, but 

there is only one winner.  


Core adjustable dumbbells cost $349 for a set--a very good deal for a very premium product. Our closest competitor’s adjustable dumbbells ring up at $399.  Go figure. That’s an extra $50 in your pocket. Core also offers a big price advantage against a full set of dumbbells. If you bought a full set of individual dumbbells ranging from  5 to 50 pounds, it could cost you $950.  Not only is this substantially more expensive, but a full set of dumbbells takes up a significant amount of space. Your home gym will end up feeling and looking more crowded, all for a higher price tag. 

2. Availability: Who Ships Faster?

The pandemic created shortages and delays for all kinds of industries, including fitness. Customers were forced to   wait weeks-to-months to piece together their home gyms. In fact,  finding dumbbell sets in the US can be challenging. If you choose the closest competitor’s adjustable dumbbells, be prepared for a waiting period. At the time of this post, it can take up to 8 weeks to ship.  The good news is that there is no waiting period when you choose Core Home Fitness adjustable dumbbells. Call it foresight in predicting consumer demand. When you order from Core, shipping quickly follows.  This is great news for those wanting to build a new home gym quickly, or if you’re looking to get the most mileage out of new equipment. 

3. Analyzing Ergonomic Design

    Your adjustable dumbbell should be easy to use, allowing you to breeze through your workout. Considering ergonomic design with your adjustable dumbbells should be a major factor in your decision.  Not only does quality design maximize your workout, it also minimizes the risk of injury.

    These are the differences you’ll find between the designs of Core Home Fitness vs. Its closest competitor: 

    With both weights set at the baseline of 5 pounds, the extension of the closest competitor’s dumbbells can be nearly twice as long as Core. You’ll have to remain mindful of the extra length while doing different exercises that may involve an inward motion. 

    Core Home Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Lying Vertically Next to Competitor Dumbbells
    The Closest Competitor’s Adjustable Dumbbells Are Just Clunkier 

    There is no other way to put it. The closest competitor is a quality brand, but its dumbbells are just clunkier, bulkier, and yes, even noisier.  For example, the circumference of the unnamed competitor’s dumbbell bar is roughly 1 inch bigger than Core’s. That makes a competitor's bar harder to handle especially with people who have a hand size less than Bigfoot’s. What’s more, the rival’s dumbbells are approximately 2 inches longer in comparison to Core. That may not sound like a lot but when you’re working out who needs the extra hassle?

    Core Home Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Lying Horizontally Next to Competitor Dumbbell

    The grip on the closest competitor’s bar has embossed logos. This makes for an unusual texture feel while using the dumbbell. And the individual plates may move some while you’re using the weight, uggh! This movement can result in unwanted sounds during use, double uggh! 

    Core Home Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Are Sleeker, Feel Good in Your Hands

    The design of Core’s dumbbells have a better natural feel, a slimmer profile and a refreshingly quiet way about them. The grip has a nice, comfortable grit and consistency, and the individual plates nicely fit into a smooth groove, creating a compact fit that doesn’t move around when you use the weight. That’s what you want, no ugghs here. 

    4. Ease of Changing Weights 

      The ideal adjustable dumbbell should feel fluid while changing the dial. When you’re in between reps, the last thing you want to do is fuss with adjusting the weight. A fluid experience is exactly what you will receive while using Core’s adjustable dumbbells. 

       Here’s how it works:

      Core Home Fitness adjustable dumbbells go from 5 to 50-pound increments with simple flicks of your wrist. They are quickly adjustable by using the plus and minus signs to take the amount of weight up and down. The increments change with a fluid motion using one hand and it’s possible to use both hands at the same time to change both dumbbells simultaneously.   Changing the dial with Core is a quick and easy process. You can dial to your desired weight on the dumbbell within seconds. With the closest competitor’s dumbbells, well, that’s another story. It’s a more cumbersome process to get the dials to change. Each dial must be changed one at a time to reach the desired rate--slower! With the closest competitor’s two-hand process, jamming can happen. The dials on each weight turn in opposite directions, resulting in a plodding process. 

      When you want a fast and efficient workout, it’s no question that Core can streamline your workout from start to finish. You’ll experience a frustration-free workout that allows you to focus on results.

      5. Quality of Equipment

        With a long heritage in making exercise equipment for commercial gyms, the Core adjustable dumbbell set boasts durable construction with an aluminum cradle. They are safe to drop to a mat on the floor from a short distance. There is no fussing with the length and worrying about movement while the dumbbell is extended. Core’s adjustable dumbbells are engineered with quality materials to benefit all fitness levels. 

        Adjustable Dumbbell Comparison Chart

        While the Closest Competitor is unquestionably great in some areas, when it comes to dumbbells, it’s a no-brainer, Core wins hands down. 

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