BarBend Coverage of Core's Adjustable Dumbbells
BarBend reviewed Core's Adjustable Dumbbells saying, "With these dumbbells, you can effectively tuck a little gym’s worth of equipment under a bed or at the foot of the closet, and you’ll also save money compared to buying those 10 pairs of weights separately."
Newsweek gave Core's Adjustable Dumbbells the "Editor's Choice" award. "If you're looking to save space and money with adjustable dumbbells, these are the ones to grab. They're the simplest, quickest and easiest to use."
Women and Health
Woman & Home featured Core Home Fitness as the "best budget adjustable dumbbell" in a roundup of dumbbells for women and highlighted the product's secure grip and solid design: "The rubber handle was comfortable to hold, and we didn't lose our grip, no matter how sweaty we were during workouts. Even during overhead exercises, these weights always felt secure."
SELF's former Health Director reviewed Core's dumbbells saying, "The Core Home Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells have actually made me enjoy my at-home workouts. It's basically like having your own weight room."
Shredded Dad
Read or watch Shredded Dad's review and in-depth walk-through of the Core Home Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells and their features. "These are a great set of dumbbells that are not only going to save you a lot of space, but when you compare it to the price of traditional dumbbell sets, these are going to be more affordable and save you a lot of money."
T3 dubbed the Core Adjustable Dumbbells the "perfect rival" for other competitor brands, praising the product's great value, ease of use, quick assembly, and more. "Perfect for serious but price-conscious lifters who haven't got much space in their home gyms."
The Best Adjustable Dumbbells of 2021
Gear Patrol named Core’s Adjustable dumbbells the most user-friendly. “Taking just seconds, it’s about the simplest and smoothest weight adjustment we have seen yet.”
Steve Richards Fitness
Watch Stevie Richards review Core’s Adjustable Dumbbells. "They have the same kind of look and feel, and of course, the adjustment is the same, as a more expensive option.”