The Best 15-Minute Circuit Workout For Summer

The Best 15-Minute Circuit Workout For Summer

Lazy summer days by the pool. 

Sunbathing on the beach. 

Feeling confident in your bathing suit. 

The summer season is in full swing, and circuit workouts can have you looking and feeling your best. We’re sharing the best circuit workout for summer to complete in 15 minutes, using a combination of adjustable dumbbells, your own body weight, and cardio exercises. 

Ready, Set, Go! 15-Minute Dumbbell and Cardio Workout for Summer 

1:00 minute - Start with some push-ups, ensuring that you’re executing proper form. This super simplistic exercise activates a variety of muscle groups, so drop to the floor and give as many as you’ve got. You may also do press-ups while using your dumbbells. 

1:00 minute - Next, get in position for renegade rows. Do this by getting into a plank position with your dumbbells, keeping your body stable by bracing your core and glutes. Row one dumbbell up then put it back on the floor, switching your arms. Repeat with alternating reps.

2:00 minutes - It’s time to get some cardio in this workout, and there’s no better way to do it than running. This can be done as a quick run around the block outside or on a small/mini treadmill. You can also run in place. 

1:00 minute - Now you’re ready for some planks. Planks work almost your entire body, engaging your core in particular. You can also try some walking planks.

woman doing a plank excercise

1:00 minute - The next step is to dip into some lunges. Don’t let your front knee go over your toes. Add resistance by holding a pair of adjustable dumbbells. 

2:00 minutes - Complete 2 minutes of jumping jacks for your next dash of cardio. Keep your heart rate up and focus on intensity.

1:00 minute - Take your adjustable dumbbells and get in position for some hammer curls. Hold a dumbbell with each hand with your elbows at your side. Curl the weights up at the same time, squeezing on your way up and releasing on the way down.

1:00 minute - Finish off the last leg of your circuit with overhead presses. Keep your dumbbells at shoulder height with your feet hip-width apart. Brace your core and push the weights directly over your head until your arms are fully extended. Then slowly drop your arms back to the starting point. 

5:00 minutes - Your circuit ends with a 5-minute freestyle circuit session, choosing your own drills from this mix while making your workout feel fun and effective.  

man and woman high five after a workout

Repeat this 15-minute session twice to make it a 30-minute full-body workout, and the best circuit workout for the summer!