Adjustable Dumbbells & Glute Drive Plus Combo Pack
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Man Adjusting Glute Drive Plus Machine
Man Doing Lawnmower Rows with Dumbbells on Glute Drive Plus
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Woman Standing Above Adjustable Dumbbells & Glute Drive Plus Combo Pack

Adjustable Dumbbells & Glute Drive Plus Combo Pack

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Transform your in home workouts with a home gym combo pack that includes our Adjustable Dumbbells & Glute Drive Machine. Pairing these two items together as part of a home gym package provides you with a dynamic in home workout.

 Our adjustable weight dumbbells let you change weights in 5 lb increments with the simple twist of a handle – no knobs to turn or levers to slide. With weights ranging from 5 to 50 lbs, our dumbbell gives you an entire 10-piece set in a single dumbbell – all with a durable construction and a modern, lightweight aluminum cradle. It’s a great way to get a real workout with real results – all from a smart, compact design.

The Core Home Fitness Glute Drive is a game changing glute exercise machine. There is no more need to do dangerous and make-shift glute exercises. Our Glute Drive along with our educational videos put you in the right/safe positions to get a great efficient glute/booty workout. The glutes are the largest muscle in your body and require a good amount of targeted resistance to get results. The Glute Drive targets this area through promoting a safe and accurate hip thrusting motion. The backrest for the bench of this glute exercise machine pivots and with the adjustable resistance bands creates the best glute/booty workout on the market.

The Glute Drive Plus also converts into a Flat Bench to provide you with every you need for a great in-home workout. Pair the Glute Drive Plus with our award winning dumbbells for a complete in-home gym. Folds flat for easy storage under beds or in closets.

* This Glute Drive Version Has The Flat Bench Feature.


Total Dumbbell Pair Weight: 100 lbs

Dimensions (5-50 lb Dumbbell Only): 14.5in L x 7.9in W x 7.5in H

Warranty: 2 year parts 

  • Pair of adjustable weight dumbbells with quick and easy weight adjustments from 5 to 50 lbs each

  • Compact and adjustable twist handle design starts at 5 lbs and adjusts in 5 lb increments

  • Dumbbell handle ends feature dual-sided weight selection window for weight selection

  • Contoured, textured and soft grip handle design provides comfortable and secure grip control

  • Dumbbell length increases as additional weight is added (5 lbs starting weight is 9.3” L)

  • Aluminum weight cradles for easy access and secure storage

  • Home gym combo pack is compatible with Core Fitness Dumbbell Stand (sold separately)

  • Great for all fitness levels and a wide variety of exercises

  • Includes two adjustable weight dumbbells, two cradles and an exercise guide


Glute Drive Plus Weight: 58 lbs

Bench Dimensions (Flat Position): 63in W x 18.5in L x 28in H

Flat Bench Height: 17.25 in

Warranty: 2 year parts

  • Upper body pivot bench provides full spinal stabilization and support for a safe and efficient hip thrusting/booty workout.

  • Converts into a Flat Bench to provide full body workout. Pairs perfectly with our adjustable dumbbells for chest presses, tricep workouts, curls, squats and dips for an awesome full body workout.
  • Includes Light, Medium, and Heavy resistance bands for variable resistance training up to a total of 190 lbs. (95 lbs. per side)

  • Comfortable waist belt with adjustability to accommodate a wide variety of users and resistance loads.

  • No assembly required. Designed with transportation wheels and a user carrying handle on the opposite end to allow for easy transport to the desired location.

  • This glute exercise machine folds flat to a compact position to allow for easy storage.

69 reviews
  • BK
    Bill K.
    Adjustable Dumbbell Set
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    1 year ago
    Still working flawlessly after 6 months

    Purchased the dumbbells and stand and couldn't be more satisfied. Excellent quality, mechanical operation working well. So simple to use. Weights are very sturdy, even when fully loaded. I'd definitely recommend buying the stand if you buy the dumbbells as it makes them convenient to use and sits nicely in the corner of the room. I especially like the fact that the ends are flat. Other adjustable dumbbells have knobs or other protrusions at the end that would be uncomfortable to use when I rest the weights on my legs between sets. Highly recommend. My only request is that they add a higher range of dumbbell - ex. 55-85 lb range. Need the higher weights for leg exercises.

  • B
    Adjustable Dumbbell Set
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    1 year ago
    Still going strong after 18 months of use

    I love been using these dumbbells for about a year and a half 4-5 days a week. They are used a lot during my workouts. The dumbbells are still going strong. I don’t drop or bang them around. One of the handles started getting a little hard to shift so I emailed core home fitness and the immediately sent me a replacement quickly with no hassles. If your weights are getting stuck in the cradle like some of the reviews here, you can tywrap the cradles to something like a piece of plywood to help hold them down.

  • G
    Adjustable Dumbbell Set
    Rated 4 out of 5 stars
    1 year ago
    Great for the home gym and minimal space needed

    Love the product, hope they make an expansion system to where you can upgrade the weight plate to hit higher thresholds :) great product nonetheless

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